Making Sense Of Your Financial Mess

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Making Sense Of Your Financial Mess

A few years ago, I realized that I had a real problem. I hadn't been able to pay my bills in awhile, and I was left wondering what to do. Bill collectors called me non-stop, and I wasn't sure how to go about making things right. Fortunately, a friend of mine who understood my mess explained that it might be a good idea to meet with a bankruptcy attorney. After I went, I was blown away with the level of care and understanding I was given. This website is all about helping other people to see the light, even when they are in the midst of battling a hectic financial situation.

Preparing For Your First Consultation With Your Bankruptcy Attorney

If you're having trouble keeping up with your debts and you're considering bankruptcy as an option to get back on track, making a consultation appointment with a bankruptcy attorney can help you assess your situation and determine whether or not filing for bankruptcy is a good option for you. Your lawyer will need an accurate picture of your financial situation and your debts in order to advise you accurately, so prepare ahead of time so you have everything you need when you sit down to talk. Read More 

Settling Debts Via Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Working a steady job is something that many people have to get used to, especially when they are young. For instance, a young person might end up quitting jobs soon after getting them, which can lead to accumulating debts that are difficult to pay off. The situation then turns into constantly getting calls from creditors demanding their money, and a large amount of stress. If you worked in a sporadic manner during your young adult years but now desire to bring your debts under control, filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy might be helpful. Read More 

Can You Stop A Bankruptcy From Happening?

Bankruptcy is a legal process and once you commit to it putting a halt to proceedings may cause unanticipated events to occur. A chapter 7 bankruptcy is a lot harder to stop due to the relatively short period of time it takes for one to be complete, but chapter 13 bankruptcies can take several years to be complete. A lot can happen during that time, so read on to learn more about getting a dismissal from your chapter 13 bankruptcy. Read More 

Getting A Bankruptcy Lawyer: How Can You Afford A Bankruptcy?

Declaring bankruptcy costs money. Though you can do it on your own for a few hundred dollars (the filing fee), hiring bankruptcy lawyer services is preferable. A bankruptcy lawyer will make sure you file everything correctly and that you're legally protected on all fronts. Still, if you're declaring bankruptcy, you may be wondering how you can find the money to do so. Going on a Payment Plan Many bankruptcy attorneys understand that you're going through a difficult financial time. Read More 

Considering Filing Bankruptcy?

From a large accumulation of debt that you are unable to pay for to an actual loss of income due to a medical issue, injury, or unemployment, losing control of your finances can be stressful. Fortunately, options are available if you qualify. Bankruptcy is a common solution for many people struggling to pay debt along with their basic living expenses, such as rent or mortgage, insurance, and utilities. Even though many people are opting to file bankruptcy for relief, most people are not very familiar with their options or the process involved. Read More